Mobile Ticket Guide

A Step by Step Guide to Using Your Mobile Tickets

All tickets for the 2022 PGA Championship at Southern Hills will be issued, accessed and presented for admission digitally through a mobile device. Follow the steps below and review our frequently asked questions to learn more about accessing, transferring, and using your mobile tickets.

How to Access & Use Your Mobile Tickets

Ticket Guide - Step 1.png

You will receive an email with a link to access your mobile tickets (from sender Save this email so you can easily access it later.

Do not forward this email to transfer your tickets. You must click view tickets and follow the steps below to transfer a ticket through the account manager.

If you are having difficulty locating this email, please visit our Mobile Ticket Account Manager to log-in and access your tickets. 

The use of tickets is subject to the event's Terms & Conditions.

Ticket Guide - Step 2.png

Log-in with your username and password. These are the credentials you signed in with when you purchased your tickets. If you cannot remember your password, please use the “Forgot Password?” feature to reset it. To do this, enter your email address used to purchase the tickets, and send a link to reset your password. Ticket-transfer recipients must create a new account unless they have a pre-existing one with Elevate Tickets (Festival Ticketing).

Ticket Guide - Step 3.png

View tickets and add the tickets you will use to your Apple Wallet on an iOS device. You should only add to your apple wallet if you intend on using the ticket. Do not add to your wallet if you plan to transfer.

Please note that tickets added to your Apple Wallet may display as 'expired passes'. Despite this, your tickets are not expired. To move them back into your primary Apple Wallet, click on the ticket and select 'unhide'.

For those without an iOS device, it is encouraged to save account log-in information on a secure, personal browser. This measure will ensure your tickets are in safe-keeping and easy to retrieve for quick entry at the gate. Be sure to transfer the tickets you will not use to friends, family, or guests prior to the Championship.

Please note: Mobile tickets on a mobile device will be the only acceptable form of ticket at the gate. Do not screenshot and share or attempt to print out your ticket. If you do not have a smartphone, please bring a printed order confirmation and a valid ID that matches the name on the ticket order to the Admissions Office located at the Main Spectator Entrance on-site.

Ticket Guide - Step 4.png

Pull up your tickets, keep them on-screen, and prepare to present your daily ticket at the Championship for scanning.

How to Transfer Your Mobile Tickets

Transfer Guide - Step 1.png

To transfer tickets, you must Log-in to your ticketing account and navigate to your mobile tickets screen.

Once in your ticket account, click the transfer link for each ticket you wish to transfer.

You cannot transfer a ticket by forwarding the ticket email or taking a screenshot of the ticket.

Transfer Guide - Step 2 - v2.png

After clicking the transfer link on the tickets page, you will be prompted to confirm the ticket you wish to transfer.

You will need the first name, last name, and email address of the recipient of the tickets.

Tickets can only be transferred one time by the ticket holder. You do have the option to cancel a transfer before the tickets are accepted by the recipient. Each ticket may only be scanned at the gate once for admission into the Championship.

Transfer Guide - Step 3.png

An email notification will be sent to the transfer recipient immediately after you transfer your tickets.

Once your recipient accepts the transfer, they will receive an additional email that contains a link to their tickets.

You will also receive an email notification once you have transferred your tickets and once your recipient accepts the tickets. Please note, a ticket holder can click on the Manage Transfer button to view the transfer details, resend the transfer email, or cancel the transfer. These steps may only be taken prior to a recipient accepting the ticket.

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