2023 PGA Championship - Round Two
Credit: Getty Images

This year’s PGA Championship is filled with birdies everywhere, especially when a family of ducks were found near the clubhouse on Friday morning at Oak Hill.

In an attempt to ensure the aquatic birds’ safety, crew members rounded up the 12 ducklings but could not convince the mother duck to join. So they escorted the mother to a creek where the waterfowl family could safely reunite.

Once reaching the destination, the ducklings were dropped off at the creek where the maternal duck would join them. The offspring would quickly huddle around the mother as they began their swim.

Watch the heartwarming efforts to care for the ducks here:

It is natural to wonder what the ducks were doing there in the first place. Perhaps they were cheering on fellow Duck Aaron Wise who played at the University of Oregon for two years. Wise helped deliver the 2016 NCAA Men’s Golf Championship to Eugene.

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